Lifelong Learning

Learning is an important part of the artistic experience, and I have been fortunate to receive training from a number of respected, internationally renowned practitioners in the lettering arts community. Cheerio Calligraphy Retreats, hosted by Joyce and Jim Teta and featuring internationally known artists, are held two – three times annually at Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, North Carolina.


Fall Cheerio: Jürgen Vercaemst and Elmo van Slingerland – Hand-drawn Letters

Spring Cheerio: Thomas Ingmire The Calligraphic Line 2  Fall Cheerio: Pamela Paulsrud – Life Lines 2

Spring Cheerio: Thomas Ingmire – The Calligraphic Line 


Spring Cheerio: Pamela Paulsrud – Life Lines Fall 2016: Georgia Angelopoulos – The Legacy of Greek Letters 


Fall Cheerio: Thomas Ingmire – Words To Be Looked At  Spring Cheerio: Laurie Doctor/Steven Skaggs – Igniting Sparks CGI Workshop: Julie Wildman – Crazy Calligraphy


Fall Cheerio: John Stevens – Capitals: Form, Rhythm & Movement Spring Cheerio: Yukimi Annand – Text and Texture, Abstract Calligraphy with Expressive Texture Blue Lizard Studio: Bonnie Stahlecker – A Stitch in Time and Clamshell Boxes: Bringing Closure Lettersong Studio and Gallery: Jacqueline Sullivan – Faux Metal Journals; Kathy Milici – Divine Flourishes and Modern Storybook Script  IAMPETH 65th Convention 


Fall Cheerio: Thomas Ingmire In Search of the New Spring Cheerio: Carl Rohrs – The Opinionated Letterer  CGI Workshop: Peter Thornton – Casual Caps Blue Lizard Studio: Bonnie Stahlecker – Versatile Binding with Embellished Leather Covers Lettersong Studio and Gallery: Bonnie Stahlecker – Byzantine Sewing with Leather on Boards 


Fall Cheerio: John Stevens – Daybook of Capitals  Spring Cheerio: Yves Leterme – Watchful Experimenting and the Fine Art of Controlled Scribbling and Anne Cowie – Not a picture, but a path of soul language  CGI Workshop: Rosemary Buczek – The Illuminated Letter  CCC Workshop: Papermaking at Twinrocker  Blue Lizard Studio: Bonnie Stahlecker – Tools and Tricks of the Bookbinding Trade


Fall Cheerio: John Stevens – 2 Lines Interacting  Spring Cheerio: Sheila Waters – Planning a Manuscript Book, Julian WatersWriting on the Edge CGI Workshop: Harvest Crittenden – The Antique Page  CGI Workshop: Annie Cicale – Intense Italic


Fall Cheerio: John Stevens – Western Brush Writing II   Asheville: Denis Brown – Working with Vellum  Spring Cheerio: Laurie Doctor – Not a Day Without A Line  CGI Workshop: Diane von ArxOh My Gouache  


Fall Cheerio: John Stevens –  Brush Roman and Beyond  CGI workshop: Sharon Hanse – Embossing and Dimensional Calligraphy     CGI Workshop: Roann MathiasBlack Magic 


Fall Cheerio: Sheila Waters – Carolingian – A Fresh Look, Julian Waters – Playful Caps  Spring Cheerio: Yves Leterme – Gestural WritinColumbus (OH) CG: Ward DunhamUncial Lettering  CGI Workshop: Victoria Pittman – Tortured Metals, Flowers & Flourishes   CGI Workshop: Bonnie Stahlnecker – Creative Bookmaking   


Fall Cheerio: Gaynor Goffe – Italic & Capitals in Their Many Guises  Spring Cheerio: Brody Neuenschwander – Collage on Canvas, Alice – Contemporary Award and Certificate Design  Early Spring Cheerio: Michael Sull – Spencerian Script Class  Columbus (OH) CG: Peter Thornton – The Painted Letters of Adolf Berend


Spring Cheerio: Gaynor Goffe – Italic & Capitals in Their Many Guises  Early Spring Cheerio: Nancy Culmone – Contemporary Decorated Letter Quest  Columbus (OH) CG: Denis Brown – Text Into Texture, Italic Variations  Columbus (OH) CG: Yves Leterme – Modern Versals


Fall Cheerio: Thomas Ingmire – Drawn Capital Letters   Spring Cheerio: Laurie Doctor – Beauty and Repetition  Columbus (OH) CG: Mike Kecseg – From Pointed Pen to Pointed Brush  CGI Workshop: Pat Blair – Spencerian Lettering and Flourishing   Michiana Calligraphy Guild: Denis Brown – Gothicized Italic 


Fall Cheerio: Peter ThorntonGold, Vellum Quills and Design, Thomas Hoyer – Ruling Pen Beyond the Rules  Spring Cheerio: Gaynor Goffe – Italic & Capitals in Their Many Guises  CGI: Nancy Culmone – Colored Pencil Techniques  CGI: Annie Cicale – Intense Italic  Sarasota Art Center: Dan GregoryWatercolor Masterclass  Indianapolis Art Center: Staff – Colored Pencil and Pastel Techniques


Fall Cheerio: Ewan Clayton – Developing an Alphabet, Hazel Dolby – Experimenting with Color Spring Cheerio: Sheila Waters – Gilding, The Double Palette and Tiny Writing, Julian WatersThe Ruling Pen, Developing Roughs for Reproduction  Indianapolis Art Center – Gloria Fischer – Advanced Life Drawing, Joann Cardwell – Introduction to Watercolor, Shirley Werner Carr – WatercolorJust for Fun,


Indianapolis Art Center: Gloria Fischer – Beginning and Intermediate Drawing 

Prior to 1990, early calligraphic studies in Indianapolis included classes at Indiana Central College (Sheila Waters, Ieuan Rees) and Calligraphy Design Studio (Betty Thomas, Juana Silcox).