Sigh! Cheerio is over too soon.


We opened each morning with marks made in Sumi and the walnut ink. The marks were made with a large brush and with our eyes closed. David was the first to add a spontaneous and brilliant splat to his mark, but I don’t think Beth is going to forget how her “happy moment” with the walnut ink baptized us on the other side of the table.The papers were left on the table each day for us to annotate as we saw fit.

Billy was a master monitor in making sure we didn’t forget to add our bit to each of the sheets as the day went on.  We weren’t quite sure what we would do with them today, but to our wondrous surprise he and Joyce hung them from the rafters and we closed our week by each cutting a section to take home.

Here is a view of one of the four sections still hanging but after we removed our bits.  Quite fun to see the results of our spontaneous marks.

So ends another wonderful week in calligraphic paradise.  Back in September to wrestle with the pointed brush under the masterful tutelage of John Stevens.

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