Two More Sketchbooks

Just finished binding two more sketchbooks.  I’d intended to make two books, but I’d covered the boards first and then when I gathered the signatures, I didn’t like the color combination.

So I went back into the paper stack and covered new boards in black and white for the already gathered signatures. While the new boards dried, I chose more papers for signatures in the horizontally stitched book.  This time I used Arches MBM and Bugra (camel) paper with more blank pages which should make the horizontal book a little more watercolor friendly.


It’s fun, easy and I have no reason now to skip daily drawing and writing.

2 Replies to “Two More Sketchbooks”

  1. Thanks Jan. I’ve been trying to draw/write/create in at least one of them everyday. I’ll try to post so photos of the innerds soon.

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