New studio tips

Artists, and especially those involved in the calligraphic arts, are by nature a sharing group.  Many of us can be found on message boards such as Cyberscribes, IAMPETH and Ornamental Penmanship.  They are great places to meet other artists and we often share tips and techniques. When I respond to a post, I have sometimes received requests to share my answers in guild newsletters as well.  So I thought I might add a category here where I can share some of those little tidbits of knowledge that I’ve picked up over the past thirty years; occasionally from other artists, some from workshops and a great many from that old word “experience”.

Here’s one for today: When I stock up on ink that I use often, such as Dr. Ph. Martyn’s Bleedproof White, I label the top of the container with the date purchased. I use a waterproof marker (white works on the black lids). This way I always open the oldest stock first to avoid finding a dried out container of ink or paint.

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